About Refoil

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Refoil is a range of professional-grade salon foil made exclusively from pure, contaminant-free recycled aluminium. Coming in a wide variety of sizes and pack options, including pre-cuts, classic and catering rolls, Refoil’s premium-quality aluminium foils are perfect for colourists who care about their clients and the environment.

Australia’s hairdressers throw away one million kilos of foil every year. That's 10,000 tonnes of virgin aluminium going straight to landfill, at a massive cost to the environment. Refoil can help put an end to this. Manufacture of Refoil products uses a fraction of the energy needed to produce raw aluminium, and it cuts the need for destructive open-cast mining that damages our lovely landscape. All Refoil products are also infinitely recyclable

We love our planet and want to keep it shiny and happy. We hope you do, too.