About Zimples

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Zimples is a cost-effective alternative to outdated cotton towels. The little sister to Easydry, Zimples is made from the same new-generation, hi-tech and super-hygienic drying material produced from purely natural fibres, but costs a bit less.

She’s a one-size-fits-all sort of gal, but she’s still a looker. Perfectly and crisply folded, she is super-easy to unpack and store and will look stunning on your shelves.

Feisty, no-nonsense Zimples gets the job done with no fuss and no frills, yet is a delight to clients and stylists. And while her delicately dimpled texture makes Zimples light and soft, don’t be fooled by her touchy-feely exterior – she packs a real punch in the salon and will happily soak up all you can throw at her, and more.

Backed by the same impeccable eco-credentials and multi-layered drying performance as her big sis, and made from the same top-class natural fibres, Zimples is the best value-brand disposable towel available. She’s a real affordable alternative to cotton towels and hugely outperforms every other disposable towel except Easydry.

For a drier, brighter future, Zimplify your life.