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Easydry in Professional Hairdresser Magazine

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Easydry Australia and New Zealand (Orb Distribution) is delighted to be featured in Professional Hairdresser January 2020. We give our thanks to the team at Professional Hairdresser and to our ambassador Karine Jackson for mentioning us.



Our resident environmental campaigner KARINE JACKSON talks about some tiny achievable New Year goals which could add up to a big environmental impact and money in your pocket.

With the New Year upon us, I'd like to ask you to set yourself a nice, easy sustainable goal - make one change a week. Get into the habit of questioning what you're using, and honestly, start with the easy stuff! I know from experience that changing habits can seem daunting, but start small and you'll be amazed where it takes you.

I want to share a story about how you can have an impact just by sending an email and making your voice heard. I swapped to Who Gives a Crap toiled roll and tissues because they sell themselves on being eco-friendly, but I was really disappointed when I opened the tissues and there was a little piece of plastic in the top. I emailed them to say how unhappy I was and they emailed back to say that the box needed to have plastic so the tissues came our nicely one at a time, and it was a special type of plastic that biodegrades in a number of years.

To be honest, I think that's a bit of a cop out, but we're all capable of removing tissues without some sort of 'guide plastic' and this is a typical example of where we've become complacent and let plastic sneak into products where it's not needed. Are we so pampered that we can't manage without these extra bits of plastic everywhere? When we really start to weigh up our needs versus the planet I think we can see some pretty obvious areas where plastic is superfluous.

Supermarkets are the worst for this - shrink wrapped coconuts and bananas for example. I buy all my veg loose now and take along my own bags. I digress ...

So I replied to the email to say I didn't think this was good enough. Imagine my unbridled joy that the next box I purchased came without the plastic! I have no idea if it was my email, or if mine was one of many, but that company made the change, and how many little pieces of plastic will that save from going into circulation? It's brilliant and of course I then emailed them to congratulate them their action.



This depends on what brand you use. Always read where they source their material. The dyes they use, are they 100% biodegradable and recyclable? We use Easydry, and the average four stylist salon could save 60,000 litres of water every year just by switching (as well as energy consumption). Easydry towels are made from 100% natural fibres, don't contain any plastic and are FSC certified which proves the entire supply chain is ethical and sustainable. The packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable bags (with the OK Compost mark), in FSC boxes and they ship on recycled cardboard pallets!

We use our towels first on our clients, then for cleaning the salon - I can't stand single use anything! Because they are lint-free, they are ideal for cleaning and polishing mirrors, windows, back basins and floors, wiping up hair, and you can give them to clients or staff to take home as cleaning cloths; donate them to the local garage or window cleaner or other local business or to a local animal shelter for use as bedding. They're also 100% compostable and biodegradable, breaking down in just 12 weeks after use.

@darrel_of_taylors: What brands or product are you using?

I go for products and brands that have values in line with ours on sustainability, environment and humans. I love it if we can reuse, recycle and refill. My must-haves are Organic Colour Systems, Easydry, Brita water filters, Who Gives a Crap toilet rolls and tissues, and my green energy provider.

@hairbymiczi asked: Is there some kind of colouring cape that is reusable and will not get stained?

We've been using Easydry gowns (Shoulder Capes) for a few years now - we don't re-use them on clients but they're recyclable - just put them in with your paper and cardboard.

Article reproduced with kind permission of Professional Hairdresser.

To visit the Professional Hairdresser website, click HERE.

To visit Karine Jacksons website, click HERE.

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