Easydry FAQs

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How do you recycle Easydry?

Easydry may be soft and absorbent but it is so robust that it is often recycled as cardboard. Contact your local recycling company for advice.


Can it go out with the rubbish?

It can and will disappear in compost conditions in a landfill within three months, but we'd rather you recycled.


What are Easydry towels made of?

Wood, just like paper, and only wood. There is absolutely no plastic in Easydry towels.


What are Easydry’s environmental principles?

Production processes are guided by the following ecological considerations:

  1. Easydry materials are derived from wood fibre. The products made from these raw materials support the environment and fully meet consumer demands.
  2. Any wood used for Easydry products is certified and comes exclusively from forests that are managed in line with forestry regulations (Pan-European Forest Certification).
  3. Trees used are grown on land unsuitable for food crops, using no fertilizers, pesticides or artificial irrigation.
  4. Raw material production is continuously monitored and evaluated by internal and external assessment. Easydry has won many awards for environmentally sound manufacturing processes, including the European Flower and European Award for the Environment.
  5. After use, Easydry towels will fully biodegrade and complete nature’s cycle. In compost conditions the fibres naturally break down within weeks.


How many should I use?

Use as you would cotton towels, but remember, Easydry eco-towels are super-absorbent and you may find you use fewer of them.