Easydry Testimonials

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‘We take hygiene extremely seriously. It was natural for us to take on Easydry within our salons as we recognized that Easydry is also focused on hygiene and guest safety.’
Emiliano Vitale, Creative Director, é Salon, Wahroonga


‘Sustainability is about looking after the planet so you have an environment in which your business and your team can thrive. Easydry means a much better, more luxurious service for our clients and for the planet. But it doesn’t cost any more than buying towels or paying for the washing machine and drier to be on constantly.’
Mojca Mikic, Manager, Kinky Curly Straight, Adelaide


‘Cost-effective, hygienic and eco, Easydry has ticked all the boxes for us while reducing one of the biggest headaches we faced, making sure we always had clean towels.’
Paul Pardini, Hairdressing Teacher, Tropical North Queensland TAFE


‘The biggest benefit is time saved. We no longer spend hours washing, drying and folding towels. Our clients are also very aware of water and electricity usage and realize we are doing everything we can to play our part.’
Philippe Xavier, Philippe Xavier Salon, Sydney 


‘I loathed cotton towels and so did my team. Cotton towels can never be completely clean. Washing at high temperatures might eradicate bacteria but it turns towels into stiff, uncomfortable rags that simply are not good enough for my clients.’
Sandy Chong, Suki, Newcastle