Refoil FAQS

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What happens to Refoil when it is thrown into the general waste bin?

Refoil will be collected by the local waste collection authorities and sent to a landfill area, where the foils will take centuries to degrade.


What happens to Refoil when it goes into the mixed recycling bin?

When you have crushed your used Refoil into balls your local council will collect the recycling bins and send the mixed content to a local sorting centre. There, the aluminium foil balls will be separated from other recyclables and sent on for reprocessing into new aluminium. For more information on the recycling process visit


What if I put Refoil in the recycling bin without crushing it?

At the sorting centre the foil pieces will tear during the separation process and will fall off the conveyor belt. To date the Australian recycling industry lacks the technology to reprocess foil pieces, so the pieces will not be recycled and will end up in landfill.


How big should I make my crushed Refoil balls?

They should be at least as big as tennis balls. In hairdressing terms, that's roughly five to eight standard-sized (20cm long) foils.


Is Refoil 100% recyclable?

Yes. It can be recycled over and over again without loss of properties.


Can I recycle Refoil that's covered in colour or bleach? What happens to the chemicals in the recycling process?

It's best to rinse the foil first, as this makes the recycling process go smoother. During the melting process the chemicals are separated from the aluminium foils and disposed of safely.


Do the chemicals pose any threat to the environment?

Yes, all chemicals cause harm to the environment. That is inevitable for now. However, by recycling Refoil you have saved Australian soil from contamination and used only 5% of the energy needed to produce the new aluminium.


What should I do if I can’t find a recycling bin in my local area?

Refoil has a bunch of solutions. On the Refoil website you'll find information on where to recycle. If you still can’t find a recycling solution in your local area, please email or phone us. We would be delighted to help.


Why does Refoil not use the '100% recycled' label?

The industry does not yet have a benchmark system for measuring percentages of primary and secondary aluminium used in a product.


Can I recycle my Refoil at local scrap yards?

Yes, and you will even be reimbursed for it in cash, just like in aluminium can recycling. Look up your local scrap yard on