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The Refoil Range

Refoil has a range of salon foil options that cater for every colourist who cares. The entire Refoil range is:

  • made from recycled aluminium
  • infinitely recyclable
  • backed by great recycling tips and education 
  • packaged in recycled, reusable and recyclable cardboard




Australia's favourite salon professional roll. For years salons have been in love with this jumbo roll, weighing in at 2 kilos. A true classic that has stood the test of time, it is great for colourists who like high strength, premium quality foil that gives you the freedom to cut any size you like.  SHOP CLASSIC




Refoil pre-cuts are a real treat for the colourist who cares about quality, style and the environment. For the first time in hair foiling history colourists can choose a large amount of pre-cuts dispensed from a stylish but practical box designed to fit any salon trolley or bench top. Say goodbye to foil cutting, foil folding and foil wastage.  SHOP PRE-CUT




Wider, thinner and budget-friendly. Did you know that more than one hair salon in three buys its foil from supermarkets and food suppliers? Refoil says 'no more!' Refoil offers catering rolls in heavy-duty and traditional strength. Naturally, Refoil catering rolls are made from recycled aluminium too. SHOP CATERING