Refoil Recycling Process

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Step 1 - Refoil

Colour with Refoil made from recycled aluminium and know you are doing the environment a favour. Be sure to let your clients know you're a colourist who cares.


Step 2 - Crush

When removing your Refoil (lightly rinse if needed), grab some of your leftover colour tubes (be sure to remove the plastic lids) and crush it all into balls - the bigger the better (tennis ball size or larger). This guarantees your Refoil and aluminium tubes will be recycled and won't end up in landfill.


Step 3 - Recycle

Put your Refoil balls in a dedicated Refoil-only bin next to the washbasin. Once it's full just empty it into the mixed recycling bin. Congratulations! Your salon is now foil and tube waste-free!