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Saving Money, Pure and Zimple


No fuss. No bother. 

No fuss. No bother. 

Wave goodbye to the washing machine and the tumble drier and give ever-rising electricity, gas and water bills the push. And no more laundry means less bother and less fuss.

Cheaper than cotton towels 

Cheaper than cotton towels 

Using Zimples works out cheaper than laundering cotton towels, with a stable cost based on the number of appointments.

Super Absorbent 


Zimples towels use patented WaterWeave™ construction, which makes them super-absorbent, drawing moisture to the inside of the fibres and keeping it there, so keeping nasty bacteria growth at bay.



The multi-layer, patented UATT (ultra anti-tear technology) manufacturing process makes Zimples extra strong, wet or dry.

Easy Management

Easy management

With the amount of towels used linked to client numbers, Zimples makes stock control a breeze.

Space Saving


Space is money. Reclaim the laundry area for a new revenue-generating zone or better staff facilities. Turn old towel storage shelves into retail displays.

More Options

More options

Zimples come in black or white and can be ordered in small quantities to suit salon needs.