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For silky, shiny, healthy hair & skin, Easydry towels are much better than microfibre

Make the Switch from Microfibre to Easydry

  1. Easydry towels are 2x as absorbent as microfibre towels (3x more than cotton)
  2. Easydry towels are compostable, disposable, and hygienic
  3. No laundering means no negative environmental impact
  4. Easydry reduces water, electricity, and laundering costs while also saving time and space
  5. Easydry towels offer a gorgeous drying result

Easydry towels offer a better drying experience and significantly reduces environmental impact.

Microfibre Towels Destroy the Environment

  1. Production of microfibre towels accounts for 50% of all microfibres released into the environment.
  2. Microfibre shedding from laundering is the largest polluter of microplastics in the world.
  3. Wastewater treatment plants are unable to filter microfibre/microplastics
  4. Laundering microfibres accounts for 25% of all microfibres released into the environment.

Easydry towels are biodegradable and pose no negative effect on the environment after use. Easydry towels require no laundering – saving water, electricity, time, and money.



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