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Easydry questions

What are Easydry towels made of?

Easydry towels are made of natural materials, using eco-friendly processes from 100% natural wood fibres sourced from certified sustainable forests.

Are Easydry towels more hygienic than cotton towels?

Yes, Easydry towels are completely clean and will be used just once, guaranteeing no cross-contamination. Traditional towels, on the other hand, even when washed properly, can still harbour dangerous bacteria.

Are Easydry disposable towels gentle on skin and hair?

Easydry towels are soft and gentle on the hair, scalp and skin. Simply blot or pat hair and skin dry using Easydry, there is no need for rubbing. Drying hair with Easydry towels leaves it in perfect condition for the next treatment. The hair follicle has not been over-dried, tangled or damaged by the rubbing action of a cotton towel.

Are Easydry towels as absorbent as regular towels?

Yes! In fact, Easydry towels are three times more absorbent than traditional cotton towels.

How will my clients feel about moving away from cotton towels?

When the benefits are made clear in-salon by a stylist whose opinion they trust, clients are amazingly receptive to innovations. The key is the way in which Easydry is introduced. Explain that the Easydry towel system is an upgrade with real benefits. You will be pleasantly surprised at how positively they respond. Many clients are suspicious about the cleanliness of salon towels. They also notice worn and grubby-looking towels, though they might not say anything, but with Easydry they can see they are getting a fresh, clean towel every time with hygiene guaranteed. In our experience, clients embrace the change more quickly than you might imagine.

Are Easydry towels more expensive than cotton towels?

No, they are much cheaper. Cotton towels cost a lot to buy, maintain and launder. Think of all the costs of a traditional towel system: buying the towels, buying washing machines and dryers, servicing the machines, with breakdown call-outs, replacing worn out towels, paying utility bills and endless supplies of detergent. Then there’s the hidden labour cost of gathering, washing, drying, folding and restocking them on your shelves.

How are Easydry towels better for the environment?

Traditional towels have a huge environmental impact due to the amount of pesticides, water and energy used during fibre and towel production. Throughout their lifecycle the energy and water used to launder towels is substantial and most of them end up in landfill. Switching to Easydry can save thousands of litres of water, huge amounts of electricity, reduce pesticide use and end contamination of the environment by all the chemicals used in laundries.

What are the benefits for business owners of switching to Easydry?

Save time, reduce the amount of time your staff spend laundering towels. Save space, removing the need to store bulky cotton towels opens the possibility for another backwash area, styling station or revenue generating retail stand. Reduce carbon footprint, contribute to a more sustainable future. Save money, eliminate costs associated with laundry and expensive detergents.

What are Easydry's eco-credentials?

All towels are FSC certified and gowns are OK Compost certified. Read more about our eco-credentials.

How can I dispose of Easydry towels?

Put them into your recycle or compost bins. Even the bags that Easydry towels come in are recyclable and biodegradable.

How long does it take for Easydry towels and capes to biodegrade?

It takes around 3 months for Easydry towels and 9 months for Easydry capes to biodegrade in compostable conditions.

Is it difficult to use Easydry towels?

No – the blot-drying technique is easy to learn and apply. Short training links are provided to customers showing how to correctly blot-dry and wrap hair.  We recommended that these training links are periodically watched to refresh the team and train new staff.

How many towels are needed per client?

One towel – this is a tried and tested system. Some salons may prefer to use a second towel on the shoulders at the service station. This is down to preference and budget.

Do black Easydry towels run?

No - Easydry black towels are made with “coloured fibre” and not by “after-dye” so there will not be any problem with colour fastness. Normally coloured woven textiles are made by “after-dyeing” -  the fibres / fabrics are originally white and then dyed into different colors, sometimes causing colour fading issues. In contrast, Easydry black towels have the colour added during the fibre manufacturing process at the very beginning. This means that the black colour is “inside” the fibre and not just coated on the surface, ensuring that there will not be any colour fading issues.

Refoil questions

Is Refoil 100% recyclable?

Yes! It can be recycled over and over again without loss of properties.

What happens to Refoil when it goes into the mixed recycling bin?

When you have crushed your used Refoil into balls your local council will collect the recycling bins and send the mixed content to a local sorting centre. There, the aluminium foil balls will be separated from other recyclables and sent on for reprocessing into new aluminium.

How big should I make my crushed Refoil balls?

They should be at least as big as tennis balls. In hairdressing terms, that's roughly five to eight standard-sized (20cm long) foils.

Can I recycle Refoil that's covered in colour or bleach?

It's best to rinse the foil first, as this makes the recycling process go smoother. During the melting process the chemicals are separated from the aluminium foils and disposed of safely.


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