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Easydry Case Study with Broome Street Society

Easydry Case Study with Broome Street Society

Read the Easydry Case Study with Broome Street Society. We love to learn more about our salons in North America and to share their views and news with you. Here is our latest interview with the incredible NYC Salon, Broome Street Society.

They are an upscale, green, accessible, full service salon offering a wide portfolio of services including hair styling, coloring, cutting, and extension work. The staff are committed to exceptional service provided in a professional and sustainable environment. In addition to using sustainable Easydry products, they are also a certified Green Circle Salon.

  • To learn more about Green Circle salons, click HERE.


Why did you make the switch to Easydry?

We decided to make the switch from traditional towels to Easydry because the purpose and make of Easydry best aligned with what we believe in as a sustainable salon. We loved that Easydry saved energy, water, and money in the long haul. When Easydry became B Corp certified, it truly completed our salons culture as a sustainable salon.

  • To learn more about B Corp, click HERE.


Which Easydry products do you use?

We currently use the Medium White Towels and the Large White Towels.

  • To view our Medium White Towels (32 x 17 inches or 80 x 43cm), click HERE.
  • To view our Short Towels (17 x 12 inches or 30 x 60 cm), click HERE.


What benefits have you seen? Time saving? Cost Saving? Better for the Hair? Save space in the salon?

We have noticed a multitude of benefits from using Easydry towels. It makes our Laundry bill less expensive, it saves our team time since they come neatly folded in the packages, and we believe that it is much better for the hair. It's also an amazing benefit that they are good for the planet!


What do your staff think? Does it give them more time with clients or training rather than doing laundry?

It was for sure an adjustment in the beginning, but we believe now that our staff is more educated on its purpose and what it does for the environment, they enjoy them much more than before.


What do your clients think? Is it a nicer experience for them?

As with our staff, clients did need an adjustment period as well, and for sure there are still a handful of clients that would prefer the traditional towels, but as we educate them, they understand more why we made the switch and understand that as a sustainable salon, this is us doing our part in minimising waste in the beauty industry.


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