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Easydry Case Study with Aidan Fitzgerald Salon

Easydry Ireland Case Study with Aidan Fitzgerald Salon

Orb Distribution loves to share case studies of salons that we love. One of these is the Aidan Fitzgerald salon in Dublin, Ireland. Aidan met Easydry CEO Anne Butterly at Salon International in London back in 2007 and has been a proud Easydry salon since then. So please check out our Case Study with Aidan Fitzgerald Salon.


Introduction to Aidan Fitzgerald Salon

After 35 years of excellence delivered with passion, The Aidan Fitzgerald Salon remains synonymous with both qualities. Over the last three decades, Aidan Fitzgerald has grown his salon to major status, on a national and International level.

The Aidan Fitzgerald Salon, located in Blackrock, Co Dublin, is synonymous with industry recognised style, flair and passion among the team of highly trained and skilled staff. A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, makes for a wholly enjoyable experience, where you will be in very good and capable hands, from start to finish, which is why our valued customers have been returning time and time again.

The coveted Good Salon Guide plaque outside the front door of the salon announces the respect which Aidan Fitzgerald has garnered within the industry for his continuing innovations and his manifest professionalism.

  • To learn more about the Good Salon Guide, click HERE.


Why did you make the easy switch to Easydry?

I own a salon in Dublin, Ireland. I was first at Salon International 2007 and was introduced to Easydry and we took them on in 2008 and we have had many savings with Easydry. First if I can tell you about Easydry towels, they are professional, hygienic and they are minimum in size. We saved a lot of space because we had a large towel storage unit.

Our salon saved on members of staff because we had someone had to monitor towels. Also, we had laundry service twice a day to our salon and first thing every morning we had ten sacks delivered. That was the dilemma to store them. So we saved on storage space, we saved on staff and financially we saved but can I say in the first year we changed the structure.

We put in chrome storage units in each floor. We have a 3 floor salon to take the towels. In doing so we saved a lot of space on each floor. We have saved on a staff member and a more professional service. I would recommend them highly to any salon to give a better service.

  • To watch the full video from Aidan Fitzgerald on our You Tube Channel, click HERE.


Which Easydry products do you use?

Aidan Fitzgerald uses the Easydry Medium Disposable Hair Towel. It measures 80 x 43 cm / 32 x 17 inches and comes in black or white and in quantities of 900 / 450 / 200. This is the most popular Easydry product globally. 

  • To shop the Easydry Medium Disposable Towels, click HERE.


What benefits have you seen? 

‘I’ve watched as everyone else’s bills have shot up, but using Easydry means we’ve avoided those rocketing energy costs. Can you imagine what we would save as an industry if everyone introduced these systems?

There are 4800 salons in Ireland alone and if half of them upgraded to Easydry it would save 551 million litres of water. That’s year after year after year. And if the government gave salons incentives to switch, we could save a billion litres.’


What do your clients think? Is it a nicer experience for them?

Clients expect a freshly-laundered towel for each salon visit. Unfortunately that is not the case in all salons. In my opinion this is unacceptable and I would like to see this culture change. Salons should offer a freshly laundered cotton towel or a single use disposable towel like Easydry to every client, every time.

Using Easydry is the only way to guarantee complete towel hygiene for my clients. I have the reassurance of knowing that each time I use an Easydry single use towel, it is pristine and offers my clients both luxury and hygiene.


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