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Easydry Case Study with Amica Eco Hairdressing

Easydry Case Study with Amica Eco Hairdressing

Amica Eco Hairdressing is a beautiful salon in Castleknock, Dublin in Ireland. They offer not only fantastic colour and styling services, they also have a keen focus on sustainability. This fits really well with the Orb Distribution ethos and range of sustainable hairdressing products.

Back in 2020 they became aware of how much waste they produced on a daily basis. They decided to focus on reducing their environmental impact by changing their daily habits, one step at a time. We at Easydry love their strong focus on helping to care for our planet.

As a result we at Orb Distribution, are delighted to share with you this Easydry Case Study with Amica Eco Hairdressing.

  • To watch the video that Amica Eco Hairdressing filmed for Easydry on our You Tube Channel, click HERE.


Why did you make the easy switch to Easydry?

We love that Easydry is a B Corporation. The quality of their products is second to none. The guests feel incredibly comfortable during their service.


Which Easydry products do you use?

Amica Eco Hairdressing use two products from Easydry. They use the Easydry Medium Disposable Hair Towel (80 x 43cm / 32 x 17 inches) on all clients. In addition to this, where possible, they use the smaller Easydry towel. This ensures that they only use what is needed to eliminate waste. The salon use the Easydry Short Disposable Towel (30 x 60 cm / 24 x 12 inches) on shorter hair or as a second towel on the shoulders.

  • View the Easydry Medium Disposable Hair Towel (80 x 43cm / 32 x 17 inches), click HERE.
  • View the Easydry Short Disposable Towel (30 x 60 cm / 24 x 12 inches), click HERE.


What benefits have you seen? 

They use the correct amount of towels for each client, eliminating waste and ensuring an excellect guest experience. After using the towels on clients, they can they repurpose the towels. This is done by reusing the towels around the salon for cleaning or offering them to clients to re-use at home. Popular re-uses of Easydry towels at home include cleaning, gardening and composting.


What do your staff think? 

Staff love that the clients are more comfortable and that Easydry is better for the hair. Easydry also fits with the Amica Eco Salon Green Mission. Salon Owner Greg Clarke says “Easydry and Amica Eco Hairdressing is a perfect fit."


What do your clients think? Is it a nicer experience for them?

Clients feel more comfortable and love that Easydry fits with the green mission in the salon.


Useful Links:

  • Visit the Amica Eco Hairdressing Website, click HERE.
  • Learn more atbout the Amica Eco Hairdressing Green Movement, click HERE.
  • Follow Amica Eco Hairdressing on Facebook, click HERE.
  • Like Amica Eco Hairdressing on Instagram, click HERE.
  • Or Shop the Easydry range on the Orb Distribution Website, click HERE.


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